TMC blasts BJP over 2nd LPG cylinder price hike in 9 days

TMC blasts BJP over 2nd LPG cylinder price hike in 9 days

Kolkata: Trinamool Congress criticised the BJP-led government at the Centre on Friday, for the hike in LPG cylinder price. It has been stated in a tweet by Trinamool Congress that "In the festive season, BJP 'gifts' another price rise to the people! LPG price hiked by over Rs 2 per cylinder".

It may be mentioned that Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee had earlier made a scathing attack at the Centre for its failure to check the price rise of petroleum products.

Now, with the increase of LPG cylinder price twice within a gap of only nine days, Trinamool Congress has lambasted it as a 'gift' by BJP to the people of the country during the festive season.

The hike in the price of LPG cylinder twice within such a short span of time has come up as a matter of concern for common people, as one has to pay nearly Rs 1,000 to get a non-subsidised LPG cylinder weighing 14.2 kg. On November 1, there was an increase of Rs 2.94 per cylinder. Again on November 9, an increase of Rs 2 has been announced.

In Kolkata, the rate of a non-subsidised LPG cylinder is Rs 969.50. With the increase of Rs 2, it will go up to Rs 971.50. On top of that, one has to give the delivery charge, which ranges between Rs 20 to Rs 30. So, the total amount will reach Rs 1,000 for an LPG cylinder.

It has been learnt that the decision was taken to increase the commission of LPG cylinder dealers and it has come up as the sole reason behind the increase of Rs 2 per cylinder.

Earlier, a dealer used to get commission at the rate of Rs 48.89 for a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder and it was Rs 24.20 for a 5 kg cylinder. Now, it has been increased to Rs 50.58 per cylinder and Rs 25.29 per cylinder respectively.

It may be recalled that Trinamool Congress had organised protest rallies when prices of petrol and diesel had been increasing abruptly. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had also tweeted: "Rupee suffering from low fever. Petrol and Diesel prices highest ever. Foreign Exchange Reserves has fallen by $21.84 Billion between March end and August 3. Current Account Deficit is moving up towards 2.8 percent of GDP..." Her government had also forced withdrawal of the Re 1 cess on both petrol and diesel.

According to experts, as the economy of the country is not doing well, it is leading to the increase in the price of LPG cylinder and petroleum products. With the fall in the value of Rupee, the import cost of petroleum products is going up.

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