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Three students feared drowned in Ganges

Kolkata: Three students were feared drowned in the river Ganges while they were taking a bath at Kankinara Ghat.

Till Thursday night none of them could be traced despite repeated search operations.

According to sources, on Thursday afternoon, four students identified as Akash Sau, Sagar Das, Sumit Sharma and Rohit Sau went to Kankinara Ghat to take a bath in the river.

At that moment water level of the Ganges was low. All four of them were having a bath near the bank.

After a few minutes all of a sudden the river started getting tidal waves. Seeing high waves coming at them, all four of them tried to reach the bank of the Ganges.

But only Rohit succeeded to get to a safe place. Akash, Sagar and Sumit were allegedly drowned in river during high tides. Rohit started crying when he couldn't find his friends in the river. Seeing him crying local resident came to know about the incident.

Immediately, Jagaddal police station was informed. Also, Rohit went back to his home at 20 Pally in Kankinara and informed his friend's family members.

Later, Disaster Management Group (DMG) of West Bengal Police was called from Barrackpore.Within an hour DMG personnel started search operations in the river but were not able to trace the three students. Search operations had to be stopped in the evening due to unavailability of sufficient daylight. Other police stations adjacent to the area has been informed to keep a vigil on the banks of the Ganges if any of them could be traced.

Sources informed that Rohit is the youngest in the group. He is a student of Kankinara High School and studied in Class-VI. Others were Madhyamik candidates waiting for their results to be published soon.

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