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Three injured as window falls from old Kolkata building

Kolkata: Three people were injured when a window fell from a century-old building here on Sunday, police said.
"Part of a large window in an old three-storied building at 104 AP Road (central Kolkata's Srimani Market area), cracked and fell down on Sunday afternoon. Two shopkeepers sitting on the opposite pavement got injured as a chunk of concrete fell on them," said an officer from Amherst police station.
"The two injured persons were rushed to the nearby hospital. Another passerby, who received minor injuries in the accident, has been released after first aid," he said.
Police said that a number of tenants are living in the old residential building. The damaged part of the house is currently barricaded.
"Several people still live in the house. It is not yet been identified as 'dangerous' by the civic authority. We would check if the safety standards are maintained and if any immediately repair work is necessary," the officer added.

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