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This Puja, Chakraberia Sarbojanin to bring back 'babu culture' of yesteryears

Kolkata: The lifestyle of the babus of the old days will come alive this Durga Puja at the Chakraberia Sarbojanin Durgotsav in Bhowanipore. Interestingly, the model for the theme "Babu-Ani" is none other than the president of the puja committee Asim Bose, who is also the Councillor of Ward 70.
"Certain areas in Bhowanipore in South Kolkata has some elements akin to the babu culture. We are trying to portray glimpses of that culture through our puja this year. It is true that the so-called babus no longer exist but the Babu-Ani nature among some people is still very much there," Anirban, the theme-maker said.
The flavour of the pandal will be like a junglehouse of old days. The pandal will have a 12 feet size hookah, a five feet pocket watch, a pillow on an elevated structure which will seem like a place for babus to relax while watching dance by the nautch girls, a harmonium etc. "There will be a coloured glass window and the pandal will be covered with a black net-like thing to present the impression of a blurred light that is associated with a place of entertainment for the babus. A visitor will feel that he has entered into a certain time zone and he is cut off from the rest of the world," Anirban said. The deities will be in Sabeki style and will be placed on a model courtyard (dalan) where the zamindars used to hold Durga Puja. Models of a babu stick, the special type of dhoti worn by the babus, pump shoes, a gramophone and a chandelier will add to the feel of Babu-Ani. There will be a Fiton car at the entrance of the pandal. A special type of sound track is being prepared with songs of Gauhar Jaan and Nidhu Babu's Tappa that will be played in the pandal, however, their original voices will not be there," the theme-maker said.
"Using some actor or celebrity as the model for the theme would have increased the budget of the puja. I being the president of this puja committee is acting as a model myself," Bose, the president of the puja committee said.
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