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They can't pay for train tickets of migrants but can charter flights for corrupt people: Mamata slams BJP

They cant pay for train tickets of migrants but can charter flights for corrupt people: Mamata slams BJP

Siliguri: "They cannot pay for the train tickets of poor migrant workers but can charter flights for those who have usurped crores and crores of rupees," stated Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee, unleashing a political salvo on the BJP and former TMC leaders who have crossed over to the saffron brigade.

Incidentally former forest minister and TMC leader Rajib Banerjee and others were recently flown in a charter flight to Delhi to join the BJP in presence of Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Amit Shah.

"I have never seen such a vindictive government. On one side they talk of one nation and on the other they are all set to victimize people who do not adhere to their line of politics," stated Banerjee.

She dubbed the BJP led Central Government as anti- people. "There are no financial waivers for farmers, labourers. They have no money. However, this government gives wavers and economic empowerment to selective companies who are like their Ma Laxmis (Goddess of Wealth.) How much more money will satisfy you? What will it take for the country to get rid of you?" questioned Banerjee.

She stated that except for blatant lies and empty promises they have done nothing for Bengal. "Before the 2019 elections they had promised to acquire the closed tea gardens of North Bengal. What have they done till date. Don't believe in their empty promises. They become Bengal- friendly only before elections," added the TMC supremo.

She stated that her love for North Bengal and her development activities had nothing to do with politics. "I had lost miserably during the Lok Sabha elections in North Bengal. However, that in no way stopped me from undertaking the development projects in this region. I am sure the people understand the sincerity and commitment of our Government," she stated.

She stated that her Government has readied airports in different locations in North Bengal for better connectivity. "We have made airports in Balurghat, Malda and Cooch Behar. You (BJP led Union Government) have started new airport in Assam but why not neighbouring Cooch Behar?" questioned Banerjee.

A confidant Mamata Banerjee also stated: "Didi o thakbey. Apnarao thakben. Shob unnoyon mulok kajo thakbe" (Didi, as she is popularly known is here to stay along with the welfare schemes that have launched by her Government.)

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