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Tattoo helps police nab rogue biker who dragged traffic cop and tried to flee after hitting elderly

Kolkata: Tattoo proved to be a major clue for the police in apprehending the rogue biker who dragged a traffic constable for nearly 100 metres on the stretch near Beckbagan area while he was trying to flee the spot after hitting an elderly pedestrian on July 1. The person, identified as Daneshwar Jha (19), was nabbed from Panchanna Gram, adjacent to EM Bypass on Saturday.

Jha had fled to Varanasi two days after the act to evade arrest but returned to the city two days back. "After careful analysis of the CCTV footage available from the spot, we found that the motorbike that he used was a high-end one and the person riding had tattoos on his hand. We compiled a list of the owners using such high-end bikes of that specific brand and ultimately managed to zero in on the person," said Santosh Pandey, Deputy Commissioner (Traffic), Kolkata Police. According to police sources, soon after the incident occurred in front of a shopping mall in Park Circus, the person was seen entering the Mayfair Road. "This gave us the impression that he might be a local having a good knowledge of the area," a senior police officer said.

The police initially made a list of 1,800 bikers in the city who own such bikes and ultimately closed in on 80 such bike owners living in and around Beckbagan falling under the jurisdiction of Karaya police station area. The police then tracked similar types of rash driving by motorcyclists in the area and cultivated local sources to identify the offender. However, it was found that he had fled the city. The cops, while they were planning to send a team to Varanasi, learnt that he had come back. Accordingly, the tower location of his cell phone was tracked and he was nabbed. The motorcycle involved in the incident has also been seized. Tapan Orang, a constable of the East Traffic Guard, suffered serious injuries on his hands and legs in the incident.

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