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Talks on clean energy solution for marine applications

Kolkata: With the IMO (International Maritime Organization) all set to enforce a new regulation from January 1, next year, the companies associated with vessels for inland waterways are looking for alternative solutions of clean energy in marine applications.

Experts are of the opinion that two options are available — one is through installation of scrubber and other through use of lithium-based battery that allows barges to travel to short distances .

The new regulation calls for all vessels to ensure that fuel content should have sulphur that is below 0.5 per cent worldwide lowering from the present permissible limit of 3.5 percent .

The Bengal Chamber in association with the Consulate of Norway organised an interactive session on "Clean Energy Solution for Marine Applications" on Wednesday where CEO of Norwegian Company, Sterling PBES, Brent Perry spoke on solutions to switch over from conventional ways.

"Ocean going vessels produced more sulphur dioxide than land vehicles. So alternative energy products should be available, markets need to be sustainable and there should be government support," Perry said. He is an internationally acclaimed expert on clean energy in the marine sector and his company provides energy storage solutions to optimize or replace diesel in marine vessels.

According to Perry, energy storage is the key strategy to reducing dangerous emissions.

Inland waterways vessels are largely using diesel which can be a major source and contributor of marine pollutants that ultimately affects climate and marine life.

The state government is looking for kinds of technical solutions to ease out the maritime issues and SPBES is looking for partners to take the movement forward.

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