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Take the jab, it reduces mortality rate, say doctors

Take the jab, it reduces mortality rate, say doctors

kolkata: Despite the incidents of people falling victim to Covid after taking vaccines being reported from certain quarters, the health experts and doctors have suggested to take a jab as early as possible as it curbs mortality rate, cuts short hospital stay and reduces complications.

The vaccine will definitely reduce the severity of the disease though is not 100 per cent effective in Covid prevention, feel the experts. Though, they urged people not to panic as some cases have been reported across the state. Though the State Health department did not however come up with any specific data regarding those infected after receiving the vaccine. Sources said that a few days ago a person from Birbhum tested positive for the virus even after taking a vaccine. It came to light that a senior government official tested positive for the virus even after taking both the doses of the vaccine. Same was the case with a senior doctor from the Dr R Ahmed Dental College and Hospital. He has tested positive for the virus a month after he was administered the second dose of Covishield.

Many doctors and health workers were initially reluctant to receive the vaccine but they have finally taken the jab. It had sent a wrong signal to the society when a section of doctors were apprehensive about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

"It would take around 45 days to develop immunity among the people after taking the doses of the vaccine. There is no guarantee that one will not test positive after taking the vaccine. The vaccine will help people cut short their hospital stay depending on the immunity level of the body and curb the mortality rate. Vaccine is never 100% effective in Covid prevention," Dr G Mukherjee, a senior pathologist of a government hospital said.

Dr Manas Gumta, General Secretary of Association of Health Service Doctors said that there is nothing to panic. "People must take vaccines without a delay. Some cases people have fallen victim to the disease even after receiving a vaccine but it should not create a negative impression on the people. People must be in a positive frame of mind. The vaccine will certainly reduce the severity of the ailment. Those who would receive the vaccine may not be requiring hospitalisation or ventilation support compared to those who did not take the vaccine," he added.

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