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Subhabrata Majumdar who kept mother's corpse in freezer gets bail

Kolkata: Subhabrata Majumdar who had put his mother's corpse in a deep freezer for three years got a bail on Friday day.
Majumdar was released on a bail bond worth Rs 500. The judge has instructed the police to treat him in a state run hospital.
The doctors at the Institute of Psychiatry said he was suffering from Schizophrenia. He has "auditory hallucination" and often heard "voices of the Russian and German consulates talking to him." The patients suffering from auditory hallucination often hear voices from unknown persons who give them instructions. The voices even use filthy words.
Majumdar's mother died three years ago in a hospital. Instead of cremating her, Subhabrata brought her corpse back home and kept it in a commercial chest freezer.
The doctors said Subhabrata had acquired profound knowledge in preservation of bodies particularly the technique used by the Russians in the 1970s. In a bid to study books, he learnt Russian language. He can talk on different things. Police have seized many books on human Anatomy and Physiology from his residence.
The doctors said his body language and attitude suggest that he is suffering from "non affective psychosis." During interaction, the doctors found that he is talking incoherently at times.
He was taken to the Pavlov Institute where he was put up. The Psychiatrists will talk to him later. He will be put under observation and his behavior will be closely monitored and studied.
During interrogation, Subhabrata told the police that he thought that his mother would come back to life.
Police will interrogate the bank employees to find out the reasons Subhabrata had put forward to express his mother's inability to come to the bank to withdraw pension and who had signed the documents which are submitted annually to the bank by pension holders.
Cops have found another deep freezer of similar size at the residence. Preliminary investigation had revealed that his father did not know anything about his son's misdeeds and that her corpse was kept inside the deep freezer.
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