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Student tries to kill self days after chilling suicide of Krittika

Kolkata: Another school student tried to commit suicide inside the bathroom of a school in Ballygunge area on Tuesday. The girl was seen entering the toilet but after almost five minutes when she did not came out, the monitoring section informed teachers and the girl was rescued before serious damage could be done.

The method of the incident was almost similar to the recent suicide of Krittika Paul, who was a student of a renowned English medium school in Ranikuthi.

According to sources, on Tuesday at around 3 pm, the girl went to the toilet. Staff members of the school who were monitoring the CCTV camera footage noticed her going inside the toilet. After almost six minutes when she did not come out, the staff got worried.

Immediately, they informed the class teacher and more staff members rushed to the toilet. As the door was locked, they had to break in. After going inside the toilet, the teacher and staff found the girl on the floor, bleeding from her left wrist.

She was immediately taken to the Principal's room and was provided with first aid. Her parents were informed as well. Later, the girl was sent home and her parents were asked to look after her. Sources informed that the girl was suffering from depression and had tried to commit suicide earlier.

On Tuesday, when her teachers were trying to know the cause, she kept on mumbling: "no one loves me. No one has time for me. All are busy with their works (amake keu bhalobase na. Amar jonno karor somoy nei. Sobai nijer kaaj a byasto)."

Previously, she had been taken to a counsellor to treat her depression. Even on Tuesday, a counsellor was there all along till the girl left school with her family members.

Though no complaint or official information was given to the police, sleuths from Gariahat police station went to the school. Ajay Prasad, Deputy Commissioner of South East Division (SED), said on Wednesday: "No complaint was received in this regard. If any complaint comes, it will be looked into."

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