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Stickers on buses to act as eye-opener for daredevils

Kolkata: Kolkata Police has started pasting warning stickers on buses to discourage people from boarding and deboarding the vehicles when they are running.

According to Pandey Santosh, Deputy Commissioner (Traffic), recent trends show that a number of accidents are happening as passengers are boarding and deboarding running buses.

To create awareness, police decided to paste stickers at the gates and inside the buses that read: "Jiboner jhunki niye chalonto bus a otha nama korben na."

Sources said if a person is seen trying to board a running bus or deboarding a running bus, they are being detained by the traffic police and they are being told about the consequences of their action. According to traffic police personnel, people try to get down close to their destination even if there is no stoppage at that point. Thus they try to step out from moving buses. People even don't hesitate to get inside to buses while it is running, he further said.

In several cases, it was seen that while deboarding or boarding a running bus, people fell down because of losing balance and lost their lives. To stop such accidents, police have taken the step. "Our aim is to stop such accidents. That is why this awareness programme was conducted," said Santosh.

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