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Station building of Rajmahal gets facelift

Kolkata: Eastern Railway (ER) has renovated the heritage station building of Rajmahal, the oldest station of the Malda Division of ER.

It may be mentioned that, the first train in the Howrah to Rajmahal section started on 4 July, 1860 three years after the Sepoy Mutiny.

Eastern Railway took it as a challenge to renovate and restore the old station building having thick brick mortar walls, high roof and iron structures constructed during 1860s. Entire roof was treated and the problem of water seepage was addressed.

Repair and painting of walls was carried out and whole building has been given a fresh look. The area was chosen for its strategic location and proximity to the river Ganges.

Though Rajmahal was the point from which the river was continuously navigable, it was expected that rail connectivity between then Calcutta and Rajmahal would avoid 528 miles long circuitous route, which was extremely dangerous due to frequent ship wrecks and thereby loss of large amounts of property.

A contract was signed between East India Company and East Indian Railway Company on 17 August 1849 to construct and operate a railway line between Calcutta, then the centre of power of British India and Rajmahal, which was the capital of the Moghul Empire in Bengal from 1592 to 1607.

It was selected as the capital of the Moghul Empire in Bengal by man Singh, one of the generals of Akbar ( 1556- 1605). Rajmail remained the capital till 1607 when it was shifted to Dacca.

Eastern Railway has renovated many old historical buildings in different parts in Bengal. In Asansol, it has renovated a century-old building.

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