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State to preserve Bangarh's relics

Balurghat: While the glorious past of historical 'Bangarh' remained blurred partly due to time decaying the relics, the present Mamata Banerjee-led state government has taken initiative to preserve the historical evidences scattered in and around the area.
Hence, the once prosperous city of Bangarh, about 45 km from Balurghat gradually deemed as a victorious part of Bengal's history had remained buried for a long time till recently when under the initiative of Mamata Banerjee government, steps were taken to restore this ancient city.
The Archaeological Survey of India had started excavating work to unfold the eventful history of Bangarh.
"In the radius of around 8 km of the area, numerous ancient remnants, historical objects and archaeological ruins beginning from Mauryan era to Muslim period have come before public recently. The state government has also taken measures to promote Bangarh as a tourist spot in the district," said an administrative official.
Notably some valuable historical evidences were found missing mostly for the apathy and lackadaisical attitude of erstwhile Left government believed to be the repository of the heritage.
Meanwhile, the district administration has made a move to stop theft of the relics which have great value in foreign countries.
Private collectors from different countries visited historical places where due to apathy of state governments, historical monuments are ruining and with the help of local people, they manage to take them away.

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