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State to construct houses for slum dwellers on Port land

Kolkata: The state government has proposed to construct houses for slum dwellers in the city's Port area.
The houses would be built under the state government's "Banglar Bari" project.
It is the policy of the Mamata Banerjee government to always stand beside the economically weaker sections of society and to extend support.
It may be mentioned that there are certain sections in the Port area where there are many slum dwellers. So a letter has been written to the Port authorities in this connection.
The state government has introduced "Banglar Bari" project to provide flats to people living below poverty line in the municipality areas.
The decision has been taken to build four-storeyed buildings in municipal areas to ensure permanent shelter to people from financially weaker sections.
It may be recalled that the state government also provides financial assistance to people having their own plots of land to construct houses under "Nijo Bhumi Nijo Griha" project.
Later, "Banglar Bari" has been introduced to construct multi-storeyed buildings considering the scarcity of land in urban areas and one need not have their own piece of land to avail the benefits of the scheme.
State Urban Development Agency (SUDA) will be constructing the houses by giving priority to families headed by women and financially weaker sections whose monthly income is less than Rs 10,000.
Once the Port authorities agree, the state government will take all necessary steps for the project as it will be of immense help for those living below poverty line.
At the same time, different steps have been taken for beautification of the areas.
With construction of the houses there will be no more slum dwellers in the area and it will also improve the living standard of those people.
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