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State police to come up with database having detailed record of all accidents

Kolkata: For the first time ever in the history of state police, the West Bengal Traffic Police is coming up with a database that will contain all aspects related to the road accidents that take place in a year.
The number of road accidents taking place in the area under the jurisdiction of state police and whether they are fatal or not, gets recorded in a normal process at present.
But for better analysis to ensure reduction in the number of accidents, the state police are taking initiatives to prepare a database that will contain details including the nature of accident, vehicles involved in it, description of location where it took place, etc.
It may be mentioned that all police stations have been directed to submit an accident report form, by providing all necessary information about an accident.
At present, the forms are submitted without any delay and it is helping preparation of a proper analytical report.
The annual accident report will be prepared in such a way that one will easily understand how many accidents have taken place at a particular time of a day and in a particular location under the 400 police stations in Bengal.
Moreover, one will also easily understand by going through the report, whether an accident has taken place in front of a hospital or a bus stop or near a busy market place. Moreover, it will also be mentioned whether the victim of an accident is a pedestrian, a driver or a passenger.
"Such information will help in better assessment of the data which is essential to curb the rate of accidents in the state," said Vivek Sahay, Additional Director General (Traffic and Road Safety).
It may be mentioned that officers posted at local police stations will play a vital role in developing the huge database, containing detailed information about each and every information about any accident in any part of the state.
So, it has been planned to develop a smartphone app, in a bid to make the process of filing accident reports easier. Using the app, policemen posted in police stations in districts and commissionerates can easily send the same.
The introduction of the app will even provide the latitude and longitude of the spot where an accident takes place, besides making the task easier and faster.

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