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State police rescue Siliguri boy from Chennai who fled home while playing Blue Whale game

Kolkata: Prompt action of the state police helped in rescuing a boy from Chennai Central station. The boy had fled his Siliguri home while playing online game Blue Whale.
Officers of the Railway Police Force (RPF) had traced the first year student of at the station when a Coromandel Express entered the Central Chennai station at around 6 pm on Saturday.
The boy was with the RPF officers since Saturday evening as his parents, along with policemen, from local police station in Siliguri left for Chennai to get him back.
A senior police officer said that the first year student is a resident of Siliguri and he went missing a few days ago. His family members searched for him at different places, but couldn't find him and lodged a complaint with the police.
After speaking to his parents and going through his exercise books, the police ascertained that he was playing Blue Whale and he went to Chennai.
Policemen from the local police station took immediate step and contacted the police in Chennai seeking their help to find the boy.
The police were quite sure that the boy will be taking a Chennai-bound train from Howrah Station and had alerted the police at Howrah as well. But the boy had already managed to take a train from Howrah Station for Chennai when the information reached.
So as a last resort to trace him without any delay was to find him when trains from Howrah reached Chennai Central station.
A team comprising seven officers of RPF headed by inspector V Mohan kept a close watch at all the trains which entered the station. Finally the boy was found when Coromandel Express from Howrah entered the Chennai Central station.
After speaking to the boy, the police understood that he was the same boy they were looking for. An exercise book that the police found from him also helped them confirm the boy's identity. His parents were on their way to Chennai with all relevant documents to bring the boy back to Siliguri.
Police officers from both Siliguri in Bengal and Chennai Central station did not leave any stone unturned to find out the boy as early as possible because they were well aware that the final stage of the game leads to a fatal end of the person playing the same.
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