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State mulls awareness drive on non-Covid fever

State mulls awareness drive on non-Covid fever

Kolkata: State Health department is planning to undertake an awareness drive among the section of people who are having non-Covid fever occurred due to

possible fluctuation in the temperature and therefore panic stricken.

The Health department has found that due to a considerable change in the weather system this time of the year, people are getting affected with other viral fever but the fear generated among the people is so much that they are panicked.

If someone is infected with the Covid, he/she will follow the standard rules which have been set by the state government but a fear among some people about their apprehension of being affected with Covid is further complicating the situation.

Unnecessary fear of some people may create a pressure on the existing system which is utilized to its full potential for the treatment of Covid patients.

According to a senior health official, all the existing systems of communications used by the health machinery for dissemination of public information relating to Covid, may be exploited for making people aware that people are often affected with fever, cough and cold and viral infection during this time of the year. Hence, if one is affected with flu-like symptoms he/she must immediately consult a doctor without being

panicked. The helpline numbers which are showcased on the Health department portal — and the telemedicine number can also be utilized as a platform for spreading the


The health department officials in the districts may also be involved in the campaign at the local level.

The doctors who have been deployed in the local level for Covid treatment may also be utilized for making people aware about the fact that all the flu like symptoms does not necessarily mean that the patient is Covid


Dr Gopeswar Mukherjee, a senior pathologist in the state said that if one is affected with Covid, it would take longer time for the fever to get dropped whereas in case of a normal fever, it drops within a short span of time.

In Covid, cough would be dry and the patient would feel throat aches but in case of normal allergy the patient sneezes and complains about running nose. One would get tired more easily if he/she is infected with Covid. Covid patients can lose smell and taste but a non-Covid patient never loses tastes.

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