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State hospital creates history with 12 pacemaker implants in 24 hrs

Kolkata: In an unprecedented incident, Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Kalyani has carried out pacemaker implant in 12 patients in a day, creating a new milestone in the health sector.

This is the first time a government-run hospital in the state has performed surgeries on 12 patients within a span of 24 hours. According to hospital sources, there was a queue of patients in the hospital requiring pacemakers, as there had been no supply of the device for the past few days.

Dr Chandan Mishra, who headed the team of doctors that carried out the surgeries, said that there was no deliberate attempt to perform pacemaker implants in 12 patients in a day and it all happened as part of the process.

The team of doctors tried to conduct the surgery on as many patients as they could, to reduce the burden of waiting for them.

"Creating a record was never on our mind. We tried to ensure that pacemakers got implanted in the maximum number of patients possible, as there had been a long queue. The queue got bigger as there was no supply of pacemakers to the hospital for the past few days. We took an attempt to cover the maximum number of patients and we successfully carried out implants in 12 of them. After carrying out the surgeries, we found that a new world record has been created," Dr Mishra said.

It has been learnt that the hospital authorities had formed a team comprising 10 doctors to perform the surgeries. The doctors took around 45 minutes to perform each surgery. All the patients who have received pacemakers are stated to be in stable condition. They have been kept under close monitoring.

It may be mentioned here that there has been

long queues of patients requiring pacemaker transplant in various government hospitals, ever since the Mamata Banerjee government made health services completely free in Bengal.

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