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State govt to set up solar trees

Kolkata: The state government is going for a new concept in solar lighting – solar tree as part of its initiative to increase the share of renewable energy to the total power requirement of the state.
Among renewable energy sources, solar energy is the leading contributor.
"A solar tree is a set of solar panels bunched together like a tree, connected to a central pole. This type of 'tree' is going to be one of the crucial elements in making Kolkata an environment-friendly city. The first one is going to be set up at a park in south Kolkata, and later on, would be set up across the state," an official of Kolkata Municipal Corporations (Parks & Squares) department said..
Each day, such a tree would be able to produce 5 kilowatt (kW) of energy. Considering also the stylish object that it is, these would lead to both the saving of both money (from less use of conventional energy) and the beautification of landscapes.
Another advantage of the solar trees is that whereas panels to produce 5 kW energy would take up a space of 500 square feet whereas a solar tree producing the same amount of energy would take up an area of just 9 sq ft.
Each tree would have 20 solar panels, spread out like the branches on a tree. Each panel would produce 250 W of solar energy, leading to a total of 5000 W or 5 kW.
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