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SSKM doctors conduct rare surgery to remove foreign object from boy's chest

Kolkata: A team of doctors conducted a rare surgery and saved the life of a six-year-old boy at SSKM Hospital on Sunday.

According to sources, the patient identified as Rohit Dolui of Daspara at Ghatal in West Midnapore was suffering from cough, fever and breathlessness since last three years.

Despite he was treated by several doctors, none could identify exactly what was the problem.

In every occasion, when he fell sick with symptoms of fever, nausea, cough and breathlessness doctors reportedly prescribed antibiotics and other medicines but failed to

detect the actual cause of the problem.

Rohit's mother Manabi had informed doctors that her elder son said Rohit had swallowed something three years ago but no doctors could find any foreign object inside his chest. Since May this year, Rohit's condition started deteriorating. Recently Manabi took him to a doctor at Panskura who advised her to take him to some hospital in Kolkata.

On Saturday, Manabi brought her son to SSKM Hospital. After preliminary check, concerned doctor had a look on the 'Fiber Optic Bronchoscopy' report and found something is stuck on the lower right part of the lungs. Immediately X-ray and other necessary examinations were done.

Following the tests, doctors decided to operate on Rohit's chest to remove the foreign object. A medical team was set up under the leadership of ENT head of the department Arunava Sengupta. On Sunday, after almost a hour of surgery doctors successfully removed a small object made out of plastic from Rohit's chest.

According to doctors, this case was very rare case as the boy was carrying a foreign object almost adjacent to his lungs since the past three


This could have been fatal if the object remained inside for a few more days. According to doctors, Rohit's condition was stable and he had been kept under observation.

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