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'Spewing venom, playing divide & rule card has become the norm for BJP...'

Spewing venom, playing divide & rule card has become the norm for BJP...

Kolkata: Trinamool Congress on Wednesday made a scathing attack at BJP for its narrow parochial politics "by playing the card of divide and rule".

This comes in connection with the statement of state BJP president Dilip Ghosh that "non-bengalis have contributed more for development of Bengal".

Reacting on the same, Trinamool Congress secretary general Partha Chatterjee tweeted: "Once again, @DilipGhoshBJP Babu brings out the true nature of @BJP4Bengal!"

He further stated in his tweet that "Spewing venom by playing the card of divide and rule has become the norm for BJP leaders nowadays. People of Bengal have always worked in unison - shameful that you need a reminder!"

Dilip Ghosh on Wednesday said in a programme that "People from outside come here to work. They are coming to Bengal since the British period. People from outside Bengal used to work in factories situated on both sides of river Hooghly. People from outside have contributed more in development of the state than Bengalis".

The Bengali and non-Bengali businessmen had contributed to consolidate the financial condition of Bengal during the British period. Prince Dwarakanath Tagore was the first person who had introduced the modern system of lifting coal at Raniganj. He was also instrumental in setting up a shipping


Sir Rajendranath Mukherjee set up Martin Burn and was the contractor to construct the Victoria Memorial Hall. He was also one of the persons involved in the construction of Howrah Bridge. Side by side Sir Hariram Goenka and Sir Badridas Goenka were great businessmen in the city.

"The Bengalis and the non-Bengalis have stayed in Bengal for centuries together and never such a question had arrived in their minds. But now BJP is trying to play the card of divide and rule just because of their vested interest," said Firhad Hakim in connection with a similar issue in the recent time.

Meanwhile, around 30 Trinamool Congress Youth workers wore t-shirts with "sob beche dey" (sell out everything) printed on it to protest against the Centre's alleged move of selling out PSUs when Ghosh went for a morning walk at Eco Park on Wednesday


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