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Sovan harps on importance of biodiversity

Kolkata: State environment minister Sovan Chatterjee stressed the importance of the Biological diversity and ecological balance.
He was addressing a programme on the occasion of the International Day for Biological Diversity in the city on Tuesday. During his speech, Chatterjee said Kolkata Municipal Corporation is ever vigilant to protect the environment.
To protect the creature living in water bodies, protection of ponds and water bodies are important. The ecological balance would not be properly maintained if water bodies are not preserved. "We are setting up guard walls to protect ponds. In many places, water bodies cause erosion. We have to protect the water bodies. Hence, steps have been taken to set up guard walls around the ponds so that creatures living in the water stay protected," Chatterjee maintained.
State government is committed to protect the water bodies in the state. Steps were taken by the Urban development and municipal affairs department and the environment department to preserve the water bodies. After coming to power, the Chief Minister laid a stress on the protection of environment. It may be mentioned that state government decided to come up with a "wise use" plan on how to best manage the ecologically fragile East Kolkata Wetlands (EKW) in the future. Encroachments, however, are not the only threat. Siltation in the canals and fishponds has disrupted the basic hydrological functioning, coupled with drop in quantity of sewage the wetlands used to receive, has affected fish production, and the livelihood of the people involved in wastewater pisciculture, thereby threatening the water treatment system.

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