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Soumitra's health condition deteriorates

Soumitras health condition deteriorates

Kolkata: The health condition of legendary Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee deteriorated on Friday and he has been showing no improvement on various parameters.

A senior doctor of the private hospital on Friday evening said that the situation is not good and his health condition deteriorated.

The actor's neurological condition has been worse in the entire period of his hospitalization and the consciousness level on GCS scale is around 5. His condition deteriorated in the past 48 hours.

The doctors performed a CT scan to find out if there is any problem but no bleeding was found. The doctors also did an EEG on the actor which shows a negligible activity in his brain. His heart condition is not good as well.

"The actor's heart rate is high and the oxygenation requirement has gone up. Kidney has not been functioning well and he has been put on dialysis. It seems that the situation would not be very good in the next 24 hours. We are giving our best to recover his health condition. But it may not be adequate to recover him fully. It seems difficult for the actor to come out of this," a senior doctor from the hospital said.

The doctors had carried out plasmapheresis on Chatterjee on Thursday. A senior doctor of the private hospital claimed that plasmapheresis was performed successfully and no external bleeding occurred.

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