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Soon, special security barricades at important city intersections

Kolkata: Special security barricades will be installed at crucial intersections in the city to ensure that pedestrians do not cross roads until and unless the signal turns green for them.
The security barricades will automatically open when the signal turns green for the pedestrians.
Such security barricades have already been installed at Rabindra Sadan crossing through which thousands pass every day. Esplanade, Park Street, Gariahat, Hazra and Shyambazar are also equally busy intersections in the city and there are plans to set up similar security barricades in those areas as well.
Similar security barricades will be installed at other important intersections as well. It is worth mentioning that civic volunteers using ropes to stop pedestrians from crossing roads when vehicles pass by at high speed is a very common sight at important junctions in the city.
Now, an initiative has been taken to set up security barricades that will operate automatically. A police officer said it is the tendency of a section of people to venture almost at the middle of the road despite a red signal. It causes a real problem as it makes the road narrower and space for vehicles to pass by decreases.
As a result, movement of vehicles becomes slow resulting in traffic congestion.
With the installation of the security barricades, this problem would get resolved.
It may be mentioned that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had launched the state-wide "Safe Drive Save Life" campaign to check road accidents.
Installation of special security barricades will also help in reducing the number of road accidents as there will be fewer chances of people coming in front of vehicles while crossing roads. Once the security barricades start functioning in full swing, pedestrians will have to wait on pavements until it opens.
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