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Son throws elderly woman out of home branding her as witch

Kolkata: An elderly woman was allegedly thrown out of her house by her elder son and his wife late on Sunday night.

Her son and his wife alleged that the woman practised witchcraft.

According to a source, the victim identified as Malati Majhi, aged about 68 years, lived with her two son Mintu and Pintu. Approximately two years ago, Malati arranged Mintu's marriage. After a few months, his wife Tumpa allegedly started torturing her.

She also convinced her husband to believe that Malati practised witchcraft and because of her they are facing a bad time.

Malati also alleged that Mintu's in-laws tortured her but her younger son did nothing to help her.

She was not provided with food, Malati said. Having no other option she started working as a domestic help in some houses. She earned a little money, which she used to buy food.

Sources informed that a few months ago, she was forced to transfer the property in her elder son's name.

Reportedly, they started torturing her even more after her property was taken by her son.

Late on Sunday night, she was assaulted and allegedly thrown out of her house.

A few local residents saw her taking shelter beside a road and informed the police.

Later, cops took Malati to home and detained five people, including both her sons and daughter -in-law.

They are being interrogated by the police to find out if other people were involved in this connection.

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