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Son kills mother after she refuses to give money for alcohol

Kolkata: A 58-year-old woman was allegedly killed by her son as the former refused to give him money to buy alcohol in central Howrah.
Police said the victim Sova Bhowmick was the lone earner of her family as her 30-year-old son hardly does anything.
On Friday morning, neighbours found Sova lying in a pool of blood in her house and informed police.
Policemen from the nearest police station went to the spot and sent the body for an autopsy.
Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim's son Avijit is behind the murder.
Police suspect that she was killed by her son following a heated altercation on Thursday night.
There were injury marks behind the victim's head and it suggests that she was hit with something like a heavy rod, said a police officer.
Avijit has been arrested.
Police came to know that the victim used to run a small shop to earn her livelihood. Often the accused used to quarrel with his mother demanding money.
The situation used to turn worse when she refused to give money.
He had also asked his mother to register the shop in his name. But her mother was not ready considering that he would sell it off to buy alcohol and it was another reason that could have driven Avijit to commit the crime.
Police have initiated a probe and collected samples from the spot.
A police officer said locals had also intervened earlier to settle disputes between them. But they had not realised that the situation would lead to the murder of the woman on Thursday night.
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