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Son detained on suspicion of killing father

Kolkata: A youth was detained on suspicion that he killed his father to get the benefit of bagging a job on compensatory ground.
The incident took place at Pandaveswar in West Burdwan on Thursday.
Police said the victim, Mrityunjoy Kumar, was about to retire from his job in the next few months.
Police suspect that the accused knew he would bag his father's job on compensatory ground if the latter dies before getting retired and this prompted the youth to kill Mrityunjoy.
On Wednesday evening, the youth went to bring his father back home from his place of work.
Something went wrong in between and the youth took his father to a hospital saying that he received injuries in a road accident.
Doctors in the hospital initiated necessary treatment but he succumbed
to his injuries.
Though the youth tried to establish this as an incident of road accident,
police suspect it to be a murder as there were injuries on his head and there was also a noose mark
around his neck.
Police sent the body for an autopsy and are waiting for its report considering it to be the most crucial aspect of the investigation
in this connection.
They later took the youth to the spot where he had claimed the accident
had taken place.
The place that the youth had shown to police as the spot of the accident is in between a playground.
It raised the suspicion of police as the investigating officers were not convinced with the argument of the youth claiming that the road accident had taken place in the middle of an open ground.
Moreover, the nature of injuries on the victim's body also didn't match as it should have been in case of a bike accident.
Police have, however, initiated an interrogation in this regard.
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