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Single license for trading in agri-produce in Bengal

 Team MP |  2017-03-02 17:45:46.0  |  Kolkata

Single license for trading in agri-produce in Bengal

West Bengal Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2017 was passed in the State Legislative Assembly with various aims including the strengthening of inter-state trade and commerce in agriculture produce and for giving a national platform to the farmers to sell their agriculture produce.

Terming the amendment of the Bill as 'historic' Minister-In-Charge of the department, Tapan Dasgupta in the Assembly said that the purpose of this move was to simplify the whole process of trade by setting up a single window system which will issue licences to the farmers.

Earlier, farmers had to get separate licences to sell their produces in various markets through the state.

Through the amendment of the Bill, the farmers will no longer need to get separate licences.

The farmers will be able to get the licences through a single window system.

Earlier, the farmers had to pay fees for selling their produces in different areas.

However, through the simplification of the procedure, the farmers will be able to pay the market fee.

This will also help the department to classify the agricultural produce for the purpose of market levy.

The minister said that the amendment of the Bill will play a pivotal role in developing and regulating agricultural produces with the aim to provide remunerative prices to the farmers throughout the state in both local and urban markets.

This will help to promote trades and commerce in agricultural commodities by strengthening the overall economic growth of the farmers.

Dasgupta told the Assembly that the new move will strengthen the ease of doing business in the state and will ensure better price to the farmers by giving them an exposure to a wider trading arena.

This will also help the farmers to get the benefits of National Agriculture Market (NAM) introduced by the Central government. The farmers will get a free access to every market in India.

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