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Serial killer shares details of murders with police

Kolkata: Police reconstructed one murder scene with the serial killer, Kamruzzaman Sarkar, on Tuesday. However, the police officers are not clear about the motive behind the murders. According to sources, on Tuesday morning, cops took Sarkar to Kalna where he murdered a woman on May 27. There Sarkar showed how he killed the woman using the chain and the iron rod. He also took the investigators to the shop from where he bought the chains.

After questioning the shopkeeper, cops came to know that Sarkar used to buy a specific size of chain each time. The shop owner also identified Sarkar.

The police suspect Sarkar suffers from some mental illness. During interrogation, Sarkar confessed to the crime. He said he use to feel uneasy due to an urge to kill people.

Sources informed that during interrogation, officers did not see any repentance in him while he spoke about the women he killed. He behaved normally and answered the questions put up the police. The police are not sure about the motive behind the crime as in several cases Sarkar looted the valuables from the houses after murder.

He also sexually abused the dead women. After murdering the women, he had sexual intercourse with them and inserted an iron rod into their vaginas rupturing their private parts. Sources informed that Sarkar may be taken to a psychiatrist to detect his mental health. He was arrested on Sunday afternoon from Kakuria village under jurisdiction of Bulbulitala outpost in Kalna. He was intercepted by a civic volunteer on suspicion. He approached who women who lived. He approached them posing as staff of electric supply department or an official conducting some survey.

He used to strangulate the women from behind using a chain. Later, he used to hit on some of the victim's head to confirm death.

"We are probing the matter. There could several dimensions of the case," said Bhaskar Mukherjee, Superintendent of Police, East Burdwan.

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