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Seed of cancer might be lying hidden in X-ray, CT scans, warns city oncologist

Kolkata: A radiation oncologist from the city on Tuesday warned about exposure to radiation, which might lead to cancer.
Speaking at a conference on comprehensive cancer care organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) at a city hotel, Dr Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay, a city-based radiation oncologist said that women and children are more vulnerable to various radiations.
Dr Mukhopadhyay said that radiations caused due to X-rays, CT scans and MRI scans can cause cell damage. Sometimes, it is found that the body can repair the damage. If the body is unable to repair the damage, there is a possibility that people can get cancer. Bone cancer and thyroid cancer can be caused due to the types of radiation.
Dr Mukhopadyay also stated that there are certain natural sources of radiation which the people cannot avoid. The radiation caused from medical sources like the instruments of X-ray and other scans also contribute to the disease.
He suggested that while conducting the tests, the radiologist must have a strategy to reduce the level of radiation. Those working in the labs where these tests are performed, must take some measures to minimise the exposure to radiation. Awareness is another issue that people must stress upon.
Children can develop leukemia at a very early age due to radiation. Compared to men, women are more at risk of getting the disease, the doctor opined.
Dr Bhabatosh Biswas, former vice-chancellor of the West Bengal University of Health Sciences, who attended the conference, stressed on the importance of building awareness among the people and early screening.

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