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School management must ensure such incidents don't recur, stresses Mamata

Kolkata: Once again stating that strict measures will be taken against those found guilty in the GD Birla case, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said: "Management and administration of the schools have to be more careful to check recurrence of such incidents."
Banerjee said: "Teachers are the pride of our society. They are our guardian, friend, philosopher and guide. Teachers have to be more responsible. Specially in co-education schools. Similar attention is needed for both state-run and private schools under different boards." She added: "There could be one or two bad persons. But the entire teacher community cannot be bad. Keeping this in mind, such people have to be isolated." She also requested the media not to keep telecasting a "bad thing" as it may affect the sentiment of some people.
Stating that everyone will take a stand against someone who is bad and there will be no compromise in this connection, she said: "I feel that the school should keep running so that education of the boys and girls does not get hampered."
She maintained that someone, who is neither directly nor indirectly related to the matter, may try to utilise the situation to foment further trouble.
"Family members of the students who study in the school, have the right to protest. Strict measures will be taken against the guilty. But a few people from outside would try to get involved for popularity. However, all these won't lead to closing of the schools… we must keep in mind that these are well chalked-out plans," Banerjee said.
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