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Rural people will soundly beat 'unholy nexus' of Opposition, says Partha

Kolkata: The rural populace will defeat the "unholy alliance" of CPI-M, Congress and BJP in the forthcoming Panchayat election, scheduled to be held on May 14, Partha Chatterjee, Secretary General of Trinamool Congress, said on Thursday.
He said Trinamool is fully ready to face the election, as the party workers go to the people and serve them throughout the year. In the past seven years, massive development has taken place in rural Bengal.
"The communication has improved because of construction of new roads and the maintenance of the existing ones. The economic standard of the people has also improved and the students are getting scholarships. The rural people have seen how the development work is being carried out," Chatterjee said.
Coming down heavily on the Opposition, he said "The Opposition did not keep faith on the people and instead moved the Court with a motive to spoil the election. They have no contacts with people and so, an unholy alliance has been formed between CPI-M, Congress and BJP."
Chatterjee said that Congress and CPI-M had formed an unholy alliance against Trinamool in the 2016 Assembly election. The people had defeated the alliance, which was not formed on the basis of any principle, he said.
"CPI-M and Congress has again formed an alliance and this time, they have BJP on their side. The people are against the alliance, which has been formed without any principle and will defeat them," said Chatterjee.
Chatterjee said that the Opposition is not saying a single word on the development that has taken place in rural Bengal. From roads to drinking water, there has been total development.
"The Opposition think that they can conduct the election from their homes," he said, adding that the leaders should go to the people instead.
Meanwhile, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh and one of the party's senior leaders Pratap Banerjee, have given contradictory views on the Court judgment.
While Ghosh said the people will vote and the State Election Commission should ensure their safety and security, Banerjee expressed his displeasure over the judgment.

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