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Rumours about Durga Puja false, no meeting held yet, says Mamata

Rumours about Durga Puja false, no meeting held yet, says Mamata

Kolkata: Without naming BJP, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said a particular political party is spreading vicious rumours about Durga Puja regarding which no meeting has been held yet.

"Those who were never part of Durga Puja are now spreading fake news to mislead the people of Bengal," she said while addressing the programme of the Police Divas. She expressed her annoyance over the fake news that is being circulated over Durga Puja and added that the state government is yet to hold any meeting regarding the same and no guidelines have been issued yet by her government. She further added that there is still time for Durga Puja but the pandemic is quite potent. The government will take a decision only after taking stock of the situation.

In the same breath, she directed the police to take strict measures against those who were behind such a misdeed of spreading fake news regarding Bengal's biggest extravaganza. "Everyone knows who has done this. They are arrogant and shameless. It is those who have never taken part in Durga Puja are now spreading fake news," Banerjee said adding that those who are spreading such news through their IT cell are basically trying to create communal tension. She directed the police to identify them and make them do 100 squats, holding their ears.

"Whichever political party has done this, I would like to tell them that there must be a limit to everything," Banerjee maintained adding that if they have guts they must come in front of all to spread such news instead of doing it from behind through social media. She urged them not to do politics over Durga Puja and directed the police to strengthen steps against rising cybercrimes.

Fake information in the form of a government guideline on Durga Puja mentioning restrictions on night-long pandal hopping has been doing the rounds in several WhatsApp groups since Monday. The West Bengal Police marked the message as 'fake' in its Twitter account on Tuesday stating that a rumour is being spread through WhatsApp. No such decision has been taken.

Recollecting a similar incident of circulating 'fake news' to defame her, Banerjee said ahead of elections, even a duplicate copy of a Bengali daily was prepared with fake news containing her statement that she had never given.

In connection with a BJP leader's threat to policemen and their family members with dire consequences, Banerjee said: "It is shameful that their wives and sons were also being targeted when they are fighting relentlessly risking their lives for society at this critical time of Covid. Do not forget that we have taken birth in Bengal. Such threats will not help."

She further added that even an attempt was made to kill Barrackpore Commissioner of Police Manoj Verma. "No one cares when attempts are made to kill the police but letters are being written to the Director-General of Police using foul language," Banerjee said.

She added that her government is always with the police force and anyone trying to harm them won't be spared.

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