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Rosogolla raises hopes for other state sweets

Kolkata: If "shubh arambh se pehle muh mitha kar lena chahiye (have a sweet before doing anything good)" is true, it is also true that in Bengal, rosogolla has been playing the role of sweetening one's mouth single-handedly. From marking something new to even bridging gaps between foes, rosogolla seems to have the power to make things brighter. In other words, rosogolla seems to be the wayfinder for anything good.
Even in the film Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen by Satyajit Ray, it was found that Gupi and Bagha used sweets that looked similar to rosogollas to stop a war. Rosogollas in earthen pots were found falling from the sky when soldiers were heading to conquer Shundi. The love for the sweet had thus restricted the soldiers from going to war and instead, they started eating the sweets.
This time around, it seems that rosogolla has yet again been the driving force for other sweet of Bengal to go for the GI tag. With Bengal getting the Geographical Indication (GI) tag for rosogolla on Tuesday, the expectation for the same for other sweets that was invented in different parts of the state is running high among its present makers.
Starting from the present makers of langcha in Shaktigarh, sarpuriya in Krishnagar, chhanabora in Murshidabad to nikhuti at Janai in Hooghly sweet makers are expecting GI tags for the sweets as all these were invented in Bengal. Now, makers of the rest of the sweets from different parts of Bengal have initiated their fight to get GI tags for other sweets. Applications for GI tags for some of the sweets have already been made while necessary research work and studies for the remaining of the same have started. The present makers of these sweets are now busy in gathering all related documents establishing the history of invention of the sweets in its respective places where it is at present famous for.
According to a proprietor of a langcha shop at Shaktigarh, the place is popular for the sweet and it has become popular from here itself. At present langcha from different shops at Shaktigarh is sent to Kolkata in well decorated and covered mini-trucks to help the city-dwellers taste langcha of Shaktigarh even without visiting the place.
The rice-based sweets from Burdwan, sitabhog and mihidana were already given GI tags. The state government has also taken steps to set up a Misti Hub in Burdwan to ensure further promotion of the sweets.
It may be mentioned that when the celebration of getting GI tag for rosogolla is going on and demand for the same for other sweets is also being made, the state government has touched another milestone in getting GI tag for two varieties of rice — Tulaipanji and Gobindabhog. It was on October 28 when the GI tag was conferred upon the two varieties of rice.
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