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Record 10,615 million power units supplied to its 31L consumers in FY '17: CESC

Ahead of Bengali Nabobarsho, CESC said on Thursday that during FY '17 that just got over, it had supplied a record 10,615 million units of power to its 31 lakh consumers. It is approximately 135 million units higher than the previous year. CESC also confirmed that the maximum demand on a day — 2059 MW — was successfully met on April 27, 2016. It is heartening that supply faults were down by 25 percent during the year.

FY '17, according to the CESC spokesman, was a year of technological innovations. Currently, 30 percent of its consumers are paying their bills through the latest e-service.

Around 50 percent of CESC consumers are applying for additional air-condition loads also through the e-service route. During FY'17, CESC welcomed as many as 80,000 new consumers and confirmed that the target of providing new connections within a day has been achieved. The number of CESC customers using the e-platform now exceeds 8 lakh and more and more citizens are opting for e-services every day. Around 30 percent of CESC payments are now received in e-mode, which is the highest nationally.

The technological improvement to strengthen distribution has been enormous, with CESC having installed during FY'17 more than 1,00,000 miniature circuit boxes.

Replacing 20,000 distribution boxes in FY'17 was also a part of CESC's modernisation programme. Commenting on ease of bill payments, the spokesman added that during FY'17, CESC sent out 37.5 million bills, its meter readers having visited more than 3.1 million homes and establishments every month. There has been a noticeable improvement in billing accuracy as well (over 99 percent).

In keeping with advanced practices, CESC installed 10,000 smart meters during the year. Another 25,000 smart meters, advanced and useful, are ready for installation during the current year.

Two pioneering technological installations were completed by CESC during FY'17.

The unique underground CESC substation, to meet the growing power demand in Park Circus area, has drawn much appreciation.

CESC engineers also took a leading role in the development and design of this underground substation.

Another technological achievement during the year was the design and installation of the city's first containerised GIS substation at Nager Bazar.

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