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Ranjana Ami Ashbo, says Anjan Dutt in upcoming film

Kolkata: The first thing that strikes you about this film is that it has 10 songs in it. Sung by the legendary singer-director Anjan Dutt and composed by the father-son duo (Anjan and Neel), Dutt is as much excited about the new album as about the new film.
Both speak of a new hope, about the return of love, though the characters are not the same as in the previous film (Ranjana Ami r Ashbona-2012). "This is no prequel or sequel. There is no band, no musician per se. But there is a message of hope, of love, of re-union. The story is about people whose lives are changed by music," Dutt told Millennium Post.
The film, says Dutt, is musical because there are a number of songs in it and it also revolves around music.
There are multiple plots in the film. In all the stories, music has a healing power over lives. "During the course of my concerts, I have often met people whose lives changed because of music in some way or the other. I once met a youngster who was addicted to alcohol in college but gave up on it because of music. He later became an engineer in the US. Sometimes music arrives from nowhere and is sung by not-so-famous musicians. Sometimes, these are just Internet uploads. But still, marriages are cemented, divorces accepted, lovers re-united because of music. Art changes lives, isn't it? That is the theme of the film," explains Dutt. The film is being produced by SVF and has a slightly higher budget than Dutt's earlier film.
At the moment, Dutt is looking for actors to be cast in a clutch of power-packed roles. "I'll be using a mix of new and old, experienced actors. I'm looking for about eight strong actors. Nothing has been finalised. But there's no Ranjana in the film," says Dutt. He is not sure though whether he will act in the film or not.
Dutt will start shooting the film in late October-November this year.
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