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Puja committee cuts budget, gives money for treatment of 4-yr-old cancer patient

Kolkata: In a heartwarming gesture, a Durga Puja committee from Barasat in North 24 Parganas curtailed the puja budget and handed over Rs 61,000 for the treatment of a four-year-old boy suffering from cancer with his father having sold out his entire property for his treatment.
The boy, Rajbir Adhikary, a resident of Pannajhil area of Barasat had been undergoing treatment at the Tata Cancer Centre in Rajarhat and required immediate bone marrow transplantation. His father had sold out his entire property to arrange funds for his treatment. The boy needed to undergo bone marrow transplantation but Rajbir's father was left with no penny.
The doctors who were treating the patient at the hospital told the family members that bone morrow transplantation was necessary to performed. Having spent all the money he had, the helpless father did not know what to do or where to get funds from.
The members of the Nabapally Kathaltala Durga Puja committee in Barasat came to know about the incident and decided to extend some support to Subrata Adhikary, the boy's father.
Nabapally Kathaltala Durga Puja is not a big budget
puja. The local residents in the area started the puja a few years ago. The puja organisers do not collect subscriptions. It is the local residents in the area who contribute to organise the Durga Puja.
The arrangements of funds were not enough for the puja organisers that they can contribute a huge amount for the treatment of the little boy. All the members decided that they would curtail their expenditure so that a huge amount of money can be kept aside for a noble cause that can bring smile to victim and his family members.
Rajbir had been suffering from Neuroblastoma. The term "neuro" refers to nerves, while "blastoma" refers to a cancer that affects immature or developing cells. This type of cancer occurs mostly in infants and young children.
The victim had already undergone a few surgeries. Now, the patient requires an immediate bone marrow transplantation. Three local youth — Arnab Chakraborty, Arka Roychoudhury and Souvik Chakraborty also came forward for a noble cause and donated Rs 16,000 for the treatment of the boy.
Subrata Adhikary, the boy's father said that he is indebted to the puja committee as he desperately needed money for the treatment of her son.
He was also toiling tirelessly to arrange for some more funds. The members of the puja committee and the family members of the little boy are praying to god for his speedy recovery.
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