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Pranam providing support to senior citizens for 8 yrs

Kolkata: It's been eight years since the Kolkata Police have been providing assistance to its senior citizens under its community policing initiative — Pranam.
There are over 15,000 senior citizens, from different parts of the city, who are members of the initiative. With the increase in the number of members, the police have incorporated new components to its drive to ensure that the senior citizens get police assistance at any time during the day. Under the project, details of the members are enrolled in the respective local police stations. There are dedicated officers who look to ensure the safety and security of the senior citizens. On making a phone call, the police from the local station rush to the member's residence depending on the immediacy of the required assistance. According to a police officer, there are many senior citizens who need to stay by themselves as their children stay in other states/countries. In such cases, senior citizens feel lonely and require support. Earlier, they used to receive help from someone or the other during an emergency. But with the introduction of 'Pranam', the police have been providing the required assistance. Recently, a programme by Kolkata Police was hosted for the members of the initiative from the city police's Port and Central divisions.
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