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Post Covid complications: State to issue guidelines on treatment

Post Covid complications: State to issue guidelines on treatment

kolkata: Covid curve in Bengal has significantly dropped in the past three weeks but post Covid complications among patients long after their recovery and fatalities related to it is still a serious public health concern for the health department.

Health department has already issued guidelines to various hospitals and medical colleges relating to the treatment of patients suffering from post Covid complications. There has been an increasing number of recovered patients complaining about various complications. Many such patients continue to face post Covid complications many days after their release from hospitals. Medical colleges and hospitals have been asked how to investigate, diagnose and treat post Covid patients suffering from heart related ailments. A senior Health department official said that many of these Covid recovered patients are developing post Covid complications and turning serious. They are getting admitted in hospitals with various complications long after they have recovered from Covid. Many of these patients are dying following post Covid complications but these fatalities are not reported as Covid deaths. These patients are mostly elderly people.A huge number of patients are complaining about serious diabetes issues after their recovery from Covid. Situation is fast worsening in many Covid recovered patients. A section of patients are even developing thyroid-related issues as well. A number of younger patients are complaining about chest pain because of impaired pumping of the heart and thrombosis.

The Health department has also given a detailed outline to various medical colleges and also hospitals for an effective management of post Covid complications. Considering the growing number of post Covid complications, the Health department also introduced post Covid clinics in various hospitals across the state. Hospitals have been asked to give special attention to the patients if they complain about some specific symptoms which were essentially triggered after recovery from Covid. Hospitals have been given instructions as to what steps ought to be taken to check post Covid complications and mode of treatment has also been issued."As many patients are suffering from various post-Covid complications, the Health department is committed to address the issue in a structured manner. It mostly happens to those who had required intensive care treatment," said Dr Gopeswar Mukherjee, a senior pathologist in the city.

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