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Police unearth skeleton from house in Nadia

Police unearth skeleton from house in Nadia

Kolkata: Tension gripped Palashipara in Nadia after police recovered a human skeleton from a house. The officers have been sent it for a forensic test. According to local residents, Priyobroto Mondal used to live alone at a house beside the Sahebnagar bus stand in Palashipara.

Three years ago he remarried after his first wife died. His two son — Subhankar and Dipankar — lived separately. Subhankar lives in Pune while Dipankar lives with his maternal uncle close to Palashipara.

Priyobroto got into depression as his two sons and wife did not live with him. Recently, he had lost his ability to walk after an accident. Dipankar used to provide him food daily from his maternal uncle's home. But Priyobroto refused to accept it. On several occasions Priyobroto misbehaved with Dipankar and therefore stopped going to his father.

On Sunday night, Subhankar returned home and knocked on the door. Despite repeated knocks, he received no response.

Subhankar informed the neighbours who got in touch with the police. Later, police personnel broke opened the door. But before they could enter the house, they sensed a foul smell emanating from the house. Soon the police discovered the skeleton on the floor of the house.

It is suspected that Priyobroto had died long ago but nobody knew anything as Dipankar had stopped visiting his father. Also as the doors and windows of the house remained closed, the smell could not spread outside. It is yet to be confirmed that the skeleton is of Priyobroto.

Police are waiting for forensic report which would confirm the skeleton 's identity and cause of death. Sleuths are questioning Dipankar why he had stopped visiting his father.

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