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Police start collecting info about tenants

Police start collecting info about tenants

BALURGHAT: To end the menace of anti-social activities in the locality, police have started gathering information about tenants living under Balurghat civic area. The house-owners have been requested to fill up a form at the police station, providing details about the tenants within seven days.

In this regard, police have already started campaigning in the civic area. According to a police officer, the inhabitants have also been requested to submit the details about their maid/cook or any worker who used to work permanently in their houses.

"House-owners have also been requested to inform police while renting out their premises. It is necessary to check photo identity cards of the tenants before letting them in. This rule is also applicable to depute maid and cook or any other worker for domestic support," the officer said.

Meanwhile, the police had earlier tried to make the house-owners aware about the recent crimes. The initiative did not yield the desired effect. The cops had also tried to make inhabitants aware about hiring domestic supports so that they inform police whenever a new support is recruited. But, such initiatives had failed.

The local residents have welcomed the new initiative. "It is a good step. We have some responsibilities towards the society," said a local, Sanjib Das.

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