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'PM Modi should expel Dilip Ghosh & Rahul Sinha for remarks on Sitalkuchi killings'

PM Modi should expel Dilip Ghosh & Rahul Sinha for remarks on Sitalkuchi killings

Darjeeling: If Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sincere about his statement condemning the Sitalkuchi incident then he should ensure that Dilip Ghosh and Rahul Sinha are expelled from the BJP within 24 hours for their inhuman comments on the death, TMC MP, Abhishek Banerjee said.

"While BJP West Bengal President Dilip Ghosh stated that there will be many more Sitalkuchis if people fall into line. BJP leader Rahul Sinha says that 4 should not have been shot down, the number should have been 8. The CAPF should be show-caused why they did not shoot 8 down stated Sinha. If Prime Minister is sincere and does not tacitly support the killings then he should ensure that both of them are expelled from the party," he stated.

"BJP leader Sayantan Basu, 6 months ago had threatened stating that the CAPF would be instructed to shoot aiming the chest and not the legs. Isn't it crystal clear that the CAPF are working on the behest of this," he remarked. Banerjee on Monday addressed three rallies in Mainaguri and Mal in Jalpaiguri district and Phansidewa in Darjeeling district.

"Do you want such a government. Do you want such leaders who order shooting of voters?" questioned Banerjee.

The TMC youth wing president alleged that the Prime Minister has already struck a deal with Bangladesh that if BJP forms the government in Bengal, he will ensure that water from the Teesta River is shared with Bangladesh.

"For the past 10 years Bangladesh has been demanding water from the Teesta but Mamata Banerjee has been firm in her decision that water is not sufficient for Bengal. Only after if suffices in Bengal can water be shared. She has not cared for her image being maligned instead she has given priority to her people," added Banerjee.

On the other hand while only 1 crore people have been vaccinated in India out of a population of 130 crore and there is a shortage, Prime Minister Modi has sent 10 crore doses to different countries of the world including Bangladesh, Nepal, USA, Brazil just to better his image, alleged Banerjee.

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