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Pet cemetery witnesses increase in number of burials

Kolkata: The Pet cemetery by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority ( NKDA) is gaining popularity with five burials taking place in September.

In the past six months, 16 burials have been taken place. The charge of burial is Rs 2,500. Some months ago, a retired IAS officer attended the burial of his pet cat and was amazed to see the behavior and attitude of the workers at the burial ground.

"Those who have pets are devastated when their pets die and burying them has always been a major problem. The way the workers buried my pet should be praised."

Another person who lost his GSD was giving high opinion of the professional skill of the burial ground workers.

There are a few private burial grounds for pets in and around Kolkata. The state-run Veterinary College in Belgachia has a burial ground. Burying pets has been a major problem and the owners are at a loss when their pets die.

"A proper burial ground is a much awaited thing in Kolkata," said a pet lover who runs an NGO.

The NKDA burial ground is situated on way to the Unitech housing complex. Proper lighting arrangements have been made to facilitate burial of pets after sun down.

The Pet crèche is gaining popularity. In the past six months, 24 dogs have been kept at the crèche by their owners who went out of town.

The charges are Rs 750 per day for large breed dogs and Rs 500 per day for small breed dogs. There are trained handlers to look after the dogs.

There is a pet clinic also where the dogs are treated and the charge is Rs 150 per visit.

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