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Peaceful filing of nominations in Purulia lays Oppn claims to rest

Kolkata: The peaceful submission of nomination by the Opposition parties in the ensuing three-tier Panchayat election in Purulia, has demolished the claim made by them that the ruling party workers had prevented their candidates from filing nominations.
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had categorically stated on Wednesday that incidents of violence had taken place only in seven districts and in Purulia, along with some other districts, nomination papers were filed peacefully.
In Purulia, the statistics show that the Opposition parties had filed nominations in Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samity and Zilla Parishad in great numbers.
However, the intra-party fighting in Left Front has come to light as in addition to CPI-M, Front constituents Forward Bloc, RSP and CPI candidates have also filed their nominations.
In Gram Panchayat, there are 1,944 seats. For these seats, Trinamool Congress has fielded 2,373 candidates, followed by 2,388 candidates by BJP. CPI-M has submitted 1,049 candidates while CPI, Forward Block and RSP have fielded 8, 169 and 7 candidates respectively.
Congress has fielded 625 candidates. There are 527 Independent candidates and 291 other candidates.
In Panchayat Samity, Trinamool Congress has fielded 680 candidates for 446 seats. BJP, CPI-M and Congress have fielded 609, 317 and 188 seats respectively. Forward Block has filed 51 candidates, while CPI and RSP have filed two candidates each. There are 98 Independent candidates followed by 83 others.
In Zilla Parishad there are 38 seats. For these seats, Trinamool Congress has fielded candidates. BJP, CPI-M and Congress have filed 65, 33 and 32 candidates respectively. Forward Bloc has fielded seven candidates, while the Independents and others have filed 13 and 49 candidates respectively.
Trinamool Congress has launched its poll campaign in full swing. The candidates have started visiting every household.
Meghdoot Mahato, a Zilla Parishad candidate of Trinamool Congress, visited every household in Joypur.
He, along with his party colleagues, are highlighting various steps which the state government has taken to strengthen rural economy, apart from improving the condition of roads and giving scholarships to the students coming from backward classes.

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