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Parnasree murder: Son-in-law confesses to crime

Kolkata: Police investigation into the murder of sexagenarian Sipra Bhattacharjee at Fakirpara Road in Parnasree has revealed that it was the victim's son-in-law Anupam Bhattacharjee who had single-handedly committed the crime. On August 26, the elderly lady was found dead lying in her room with blood oozing out from her mouth and ears.
"Anupam has confessed to his crime. He had smothered his mother-in-law to death and prior to that, compelled her to write a suicide note. After killing her, he tried to cover the crime by giving it the colour of suicide. He escaped from the other door. In the morning, when the victim was discovered dead, taking the benefit of mayhem, he shut the other door from inside so that people would think that both the doors were closed from inside," Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-west) Meeraj Khalid said. An investigating officer said that the victim's daughter Kaveri was not aware of the murder. "We are looking into a few more things in the investigation. If her complicity is not found in anyway, she will be recommended for a bail," the officer said. After committing the crime, the accused packed the other papers, the pen and the clothes with blood stains in polypack and threw it away.
However, the officer said that the victim's relationship with her daughter was not cordial from the very beginning. Kaveri was a patient of hysteric convulsions while the deceased worked in some NGO. "She had left her daughter in Santiniketan which had deteriorated the relationship between the two. However, after some years of her marriage, both came and started living in Parnasree. Kaveri had wanted to live in a separate house. But Anupam could not afford it. So he decided to get rid of his mother-in-law," the officer added.
The police had arrested both Anupam and Kaveri on charges of murder.

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