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Paray Samadhan: State takes up repairing of Niarat Rural Hospital

Paray Samadhan: State takes up repairing of Niarat Rural Hospital

Kolkata: Paray Samadhan has brought back smiles on faces of the residents of a few villages in South 24 Parganas as the state Public Works Department (PWD) takes up the repairing of Niarat Rural Hospital that received severe damages due to supercyclone Amphan.

Niarat Rural Hospital is situated at Mandirbazar block at Diamond Harbour. It plays a pivotal role in providing necessary treatment and emergency health services to residents of the villages in the area.

Recently the state government officials have come to know that two different buildings of the rural hospital need "restoration of damages" caused by Amphan to ensure proper health services to the people residing in the area. The officials came to know about it when some villagers approached them with the issue at a Paray Samadhan camp.

"Without losing any time, concerned officials have uploaded the problem in the portal for the subsequent task. The PWD has taken up the work of repairing the two crucial buildings of the hospital," said a state government officer.

The "restoration of damages" will be carried out at a cost of Rs 2.8 lakh.

After the success of Duare Sarkar camps that already witnessed 2.12 crore footfall, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had introduced Paray Samadhan for execution of elementary works at the grassroot level. Paray Samadhan initiated on December 2. The state Finance department has sanctioned Rs 50 lakh each to all districts only to execute the tasks of Paray Samadhan without any delay.

A deadline of seven days has been set for "restoration of damages" caused by supercyclone Amphan to the

two buildings of the rural hospital.

According to local people, repairing of the rural hospital was extremely essential as they are totally dependable on the same for initial treatment if someone falls ill in the nearby villages.

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