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'Our vision is to protect unity in diversity'

Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday sent out a message of universal brotherhood and stressed upon the importance of a united India, while speaking at the Christmas Meet in St Xavier's College.

Banerjee pointed out during her speech that the democratic principles and Constitutional obligations of the country must be upheld. "Unity in diversity is one of the essences of our Constitution," she added.

The Chief Minister's statement comes in a backdrop where the people from various walks of life have been conducting rallies in the city against the implementation of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC.

The ruling Trinamool has also been conducting massive rallies on the streets to protest against the same. Party supremo Banerjee has also taken part in the rallies to provide an impetus to the movement.

Without naming the Narendra Modi government, she said on Monday: "Our vision is to protect unity in diversity. If our vision is lost, everything is lost. The people in our country are now facing crisis. They are scared thinking whether

our democratic and Constitutional rights will prevail. Every citizen has his/her fundamental rights and property rights. Those who believe in divide and rule policy are now making the laws."

In her veiled attack on the Centre, Banerjee said: "We should not bow down our heads to any evil forces which are trying to destroy our country. We want to see our country united. We all are united. A government may come and go but our democracy and Constitution will remain forever. All our religious texts speak of togetherness and unity."

"Love, secularism, freedom, liberty, justice, equality and fraternity are the words which have been enshrined in our Constitution. We must ensure that the Constitutional obligations are protected. The basic principles of our Constitution will be strengthened if we can exchange thoughts. Christmas is a festival where people irrespective of their religion come together and exchange their thoughts. The world has become a family and we are the members of the family," Banerjee stated.

"Christmas is very close to my heart. My heart fills with joy whenever I come to St. Xavier's College to attend the festival. We pray to Jesus Christ and Mother Mary so that they give us strength to work together. Nobody can divide us along sectarian lines. Whenever we hear the soothing words from the reverend Fathers of St. Xavier's College, we feel relaxed even at a time when political pollution is being emanated outside," the Chief Minister told the gathering at the college.

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