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Opposition leaders turned Constitution Day into mudslinging contest: Partha

Kolkata: State Parliamentary Affairs minister Partha Chatterjee on Wednesday criticised Opposition parties, for using the Constitution Day session in the Assembly as a platform for political mudslinging.

A special session was called for two days on Tuesday in the Assembly to observe Constitution Day. The Opposition party leaders also agreed to celebrate the day on November 26-27, to commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution.

However, Opposition leaders alleged during the session on Wednesday that the state government has stepped into BJP's shoes in choosing the date for observing Constitution Day, after various BJP-led states stood up for the occasion.

Leaders from the ruling party rubbished the claim, saying that Opposition parties were trying to malign the government and they have 'no idea about the history of the country'.

"The Speaker has called a special session to observe Constitution Day on November 26. We have learnt about our Constitution during the discussions of the stalwarts on Tuesday. Instead of celebrating the day, the Opposition leaders preferred to indulge in political mudslinging. Those who talk about democracy are ignoring our Constitution," said Chatterjee, taking a dig at the Opposition parties in the Assembly.

"Opposition leaders have talked a lot on the significance of choosing November 26 as Constitution Day. The special session was organised to observe the day and discuss our Constitution. They turned the session into a debate. They raised questions on how Constitution Day is celebrated on November 26 instead of January 26. They have come up with the logic that the day is celebrated in the BJP-ruled states. Why didn't they protest when the matter was discussed in front of the Speaker? They must know our history," Chatterjee said.

He further pointed out how the Opposition leaders left the Assembly during the session and attended a programme hosted at Raj Bhawan.

"They preferred to attend Raj Bhawan's programme. Is the place an apolitical one? We know the rights given to us by the Constitution. Are we actually working on the basis of the principles of our Constitution?" he added.

Minister of state for Health Chandrima Bhattacharya, during her speech at the special session on Wednesday, pointed out that November 26 is being celebrated as Constitution Day as our Constitution had been adopted and accepted on November 26 in 1949. However, the Indian Constitution came into force on January 26 in 1950.

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