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Onset of Durga Puja to be over a month after Mahalaya in 2020

Kolkata: The gap between Mahalaya and Durga Puja will be an unprecedented period of more than a month in 2020.

While Mahalaya will fall on September 17 next year, Mahashasthi will fall on October 22. The unusual delay will take place because of mala mash, a period when a lunar month has two new moons (amavasya). As a result, no auspicious rituals and rites can be performed during such a period.

This is the second time that this is occurring in the 21st century, the last occurrence being in 2001 when the dates had coincided with what they will be next year — Mahalaya on September 17 and Mahashasthi on October 22.

Before that, the phenomenon had happened in 1982.However, this will not affect the community Pujas, which generally start from Mahashasthi. The Pitritarpan, meanwhile, will be held on September 17 the day of Mahalaya, as usual.

The phenomenon will affect some traditional Pujas like those in the Kalighat temple and some other households where Durga Puja is being celebrated for centuries.

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