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Notorious jailed criminals demand money from Kolkata-based promoter

Notorious jailed criminals demand money from Kolkata-based promoter

Kolkata: A Kolkata-based promoter identified as Chetan Singh was allegedly threatened by notorious criminals Rashid Alam, alias Gabbar, and Ramesh Mahato.

Though both the criminals are currently in jail, it is suspected that the duo might have built a new team.

According to Singh's complaint, he received a call from an unknown number on Wednesday evening

around 6:45 pm.

The caller introduced himself as Gabbar.

He allegedly demanded Rs 5 lakh as extortion. Gabbar also threatened that he would kidnap Singh's son and kill him if he does not pay

the amount.

After threatening Singh, Gabbar passed the mobile to another person who claimed himself to be Mahato. He again threatened Singh and told someone from their end will meet Singh soon to pick up the extortion money. Mahato also claimed that they are currently in

Alipore jail.

As Singh was frightened, he disconnected the call.

His phone started ringing and the call was from the same number but Singh did not respond.

Later, he received a text message where Singh was ordered to pick up the call. Being scared Singh received the call and this time some other person told him to do as Gabbar said else

he would be killed.

Though it is not officially confirmed that Gabbar made those calls from inside a jail, police sources informed that the style of threatening and demanding extortion is exactly that of

Gabbar in 90s.

Chetan Singh then lodged

a complaint against Gabbar and Ramesh Mahato with

Burtolla police station on Wednesday night.

Gabbar was known as a terror in Kolkata in the 90s. Several murder cases are still pending. In 2003, Gabbar was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment

in a case.

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